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Slayer of Zombies
23 April
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Blade swirls, cutting through air swimming in the wind. The samurai wields the tool, to conduct the dance of beauty. The mutt, silence, following at the lonely traveler's heels. Honor before life, death before life.
The sage sits beneath the tree of life. Complacently calm. Learning from the wrinkled volumes piled around his frail frame. Never once looking to the Tree of Life for knowledge. Wise but foolish, always cursed to blindness the bright sage. He sits and waits for the problems of the world with a dry shoulder.
Sitting in the shade of foliage, the sage watches the warrior's dance. Out of the corner of tired eyes the warrior longingly looks to the sage. In between lies my soul.
1984, acme, age of ruin, all else failed, anime, another victim, anti-drugs, anti-media, apathy, aria, assemblage 23, atari teenage roit, atr, battlebots, bezerker, bjork, black metal, bladerunner, botch, brave new world, bruce sterling, child's play, chivalry, christian slater, clive barker, converge, covenant, cowboy bebop, crossbreed, cybergoth, cyberpunk, de/vision, deadguy, death metal, decoded feedback, delerium, depeche mode, diamond age, dillinger escape plan, dimmu borgir, drowningman, duran duran, edgar allen poe, emperor, fear factory, franz kafka, friday the 13th, fritz lieber, front 242, glassjaw, grade, graveworm, gundam models, gundam wing, h.g. wells, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, heavy metal, hellraiser, how it ends, hypocricy, in flames, iniquity, integrity, isis, johnny depp, katanas, kiss it goodbye, kmfdm, kreator, lamb, leprechaun, machine head, marduk, martial arts, martian chronicles, meshuggah, metal, metropolis, ministry, mobile suit gundam, morbid angel, nailbomb, neal stephenson, necrodeath, neo-romanticism, neo-victorian, neoromanticism, neovictorian, neuromancer, neuropa, neurosis, neurotic fish, nin, nine inch nails, nora, now she's gone, obituary, panzerchrist, portishead, ray bradbury, recover, refused, resivoir dogs, robert aickman, robot wars, romanticism, romantics, rudy rucker, samurai, samurai jack, sf, shai hulud, short stories, skinny puppy, slayer, snowcrash, steampunk, stone temple pilots, stp, strapping young lad, strife, swords, tears for fears, the berzerker, the boondock saints, the cure, the difference engine, thomas ligotti, thrash metal, thrice, thrill kill kult, tim burton, tool, trench coats, under black clouds, underoath, usual suspects, vac, vampire hunter d, velvet acid christ, vinyl, vnv nation, william gibson, writing, writing short stories, yendri, zao

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