Slayer of Zombies (affectsofxero) wrote,
Slayer of Zombies

"those lips are so tempting, but they're your lips, not her lips" - a jazz song i heard on the way home from school

what happened to the revolutions in thought? i read all about different waves of literature, art, music, theater, and thinking but where are they now? i feel as if the last real revolution of style and thought were the beatniks of the 60 and 70's. maybe that is why i feel i relate to them. i have gone through many styles of writing myself, but all based upon older models such as gothic/romanticism, cyberpunk (product of the 80's really), and now finally losing my preconceived notions of style. but in a period of time when the literary greats are determined by the amount of volume sales i find no leaders of new thought. Our literary greats include; Steve King, Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, and other "best sellers." What have they done for the craft of writing? Nothing. King and Rice just write racy and strange stories with talent, and Clancy writes the same secret military organization/court room dramas. What happened to the Dadaism and the Realism and Romanticism? Its gone into hiding underground. Poetry has found a form so loose it is lyrical and full of the same rhythm it was once dictated to just in a new form. So even in poetry these Def poets have come full circle to using the same style of rap influenced rhythm to dictate their poetry. Sounds like classical poetry to me, do you counts the beats I mean the syllables? we need a revolution my brothas!! Fuck all this dull repetition. I think of Poe who gave me the short story, I thank Russian writers who developed the slice of life, and even Mary Shelly for giving us lasting intellectual horror. Where is our revolution? I feel like I am not a character designed for this world. I need something to make me feel real. Why couldn't I live in a time when art was being changed almost every year, music flowed sweeter than nectar, and thinking was the most important issue. These are simply rants that shall fade with time, but until this new wave appears I will always feel this itch under my skin for something new and different.
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