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New story "The Taming of the Wolf"

The Taming of a Wolf
Trekking through the woods, over fallen rotten trees, and down worn paths. Rocks and stones rise through the earth and careful consideration leads to a mishap in traveling. Deeper into the he travels as the sun lowers setting the area ablaze with golden hues. Sun disappears and still he continues into the woods, searching.
Though the path is dark, the moonlight slips through trees and gives him hints as to his path. It is one he has walked many times before. Coming here often when the urge arises. Away from the insanity of the modern world with its mechanic beasts and silent tasteless pollution. In the woods alone the night closing, on a hunt for something,
As the path thins it ends at a clearing. However this is truly where is path ends and he stays hidden under the canopy of the earth. In the clearing was a sea of rocks and ruble. Gray stones and emerging boulders surround the field. Beyond them is more of these ripples of rock and beyond that is only the horizon. The moon is winking a crescent shape upon the field and there are only subtle sounds to the area.
Powerfully she emerges, slow and confident. Each step she makes is with certainty, no misgivings about the moves she makes. Watching her for a moment it is obvious that genetic heritage have given her these moves. Knowingly she bounds between boulders playfully graceful. In the center of the stone stage she raises her face to the sky and sings out to the moon. Watching her his breathing has increased, his hands have become sweaty and greasy with anticipation.
Across this sea, on what seems to be an island inhabited by one, a large female wolf continues to howl out into the night between breaths. At the tip of her snout there is a tuff of thick black fur. Her coat flows from this darkness into a smoky thick gray and lightens along her form into a snowy white tail. Glowing blue eyes stare out into the night, seeing those things unseen. Beautiful in the power that this beast holds. He stares at her in awe, at one of the masterpieces of a god maybe only the wolf can see.
As he stares, and she ends her song and strolls about the field, he is lost in his thoughts. Images replace this scene. Fantasy wraps its fingers around his present sense vision. The visions that come reveal to him a phantom wolf and himself in this position. Only now he has the courage he could never muster before this moment. He approaches the wolf, walking the field of stone as easily as she, showing his confidence to her. As he comes closer she only stares into him with those unearthly eyes.
Reaching her in this world he presents his hand to her. Slowly and curiously she sniffs the palm of the man. Within moments there is acceptance and she begins licking his palm and fingers removing the sweat that had created residue there. Lowering himself to her he sits aside the beast. She moves in close and he puts his arms around her fur coat feeling the warmth of her. It is there he wishes to be, with the powerfully beautiful beast, the female wolf.
Then the image changes as it always does. The wolf turns to him and begins licking his neck and face. But soon he desperately realizes she is no longer playing. He puts his arms up in protest and the gnawing begins. She tears flesh and muscle. Human blood mixes with the darkness on her snout. His screams are worthless in the empty field and she devours him. After his throat is turn out, she turns to his stomach. It is here she rips out his guts and plays with them on the boulder. When all is done, she leaves and he is destroyed.
So it is this cursed vision that ends his night. When he returns to the present world the wolf is on the horizon ready to disappear once again. She is on the prowl for prey and he is not hers for the night. Shaking from the nightmare he constantly revisits he rises to leave.
Out of the woods and make into the modern world he is spewed. This male excretion makes it to his mechanic beast, shuts the door and cries. Tears stream from the fear and worthlessness he feels. He knows that in these dreams the wolf devours him because he has nothing to offer her. He is not the alpha male, he does not even exist as her species. To her he is simply another mammal. He knows this and fears the retaliation. However; the tears continue not because he fears her attack but because he has never approached his dark wolf. He is ready to die by her, if only he could force himself to reach her.
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