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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


24th March 2001

1:32pm: start with Friday first
since my busy weekend started with Friday i will start there too. well it started early that morning. i stayed up till like after 2am. i was playing a video game i bought called Rising Zan. it is so freaking funny and cool even though the graphics suck. well after my mom came out and said she wanted to sleep on the couch i had to go downstairs and try to sleep. woke up Friday morning and got ready for school. i really did not want to go because i could feel i was exhausted already. i went anyway hoping i would get back a test i took Thursday and have a review in my second class for a test tomorrow. well i did not get the test back and there was no review. grrr. oh well.
i went straight to work after school, skipping lunch to make it on time at 1pm. got there and thankfully someone was going to get food so they got me something. the rest of the night went ok. it got a little busy at one point but no customers complained so i was fine. erika came in and gave me my Dimmu tickets and my Funker ticket. more on Dimmu later.
well i got all my shit done early even though it was busy till about ten minutes before we closed. i met erika at the movies. oh boy was the teenage population out that night. something most have happened before i got there because there were two COP cars there when i showed up and a third one showed up right before erika. it was a mess. we got into the theatre and everything and it was almost sold out like erika said. yeah the movie did for the most part suck. i think the only good actors were the guy who played Lestat and the actor who played Marius. says a lot huh? as erika said too it was way too modern influenced. not just in setting but the use of computers as well. yuck. i liked the stuff from he 18th century because i love that time period, so that was cool. oh well. the funniest thing was that if KORN sounded anything like the music in that movie i would be buying their cd right now. hahaha. oh well. more on the Dimmu concert in a minute, i need food first.
Current Mood: accomplished
2:22pm: and then Saturday
well after i got in from the movies Friday and talked to ryan about how i was going to get to the concert with him i went to bed. last saw the numbers 2:12am and then 8:001am shortly after. went to work. it was fairly busy in the store yesterday and my shoulder was hurting from the night of work before. yesterday did not help much either. it was funny answering "what concert are you going to?" all of yesterday. very amusing to see the look on their faces when i just said "a metal one."
ok well i got to ron's really early. i did get out of work at 4pm but i figured traffic would be bad and it may take me a while to get to ron's. nope. i got there pretty quick. ryan showed up later and we all headed to horsham to meet his other friends. after everyone was loaded we head out. we had a couple of wrong turns and missed turns along the way but we got there in the end and found a parking lot. but it was really expensive. oh well at least we had a spot and it was only like 2/3 blocks from he troc. got in line as they were letting people in. so it was perfect timing. the opening act went out like as people were still coming in the door. i think it was Diabolica. not sure on the spelling though. they were not that great but oh well. after that i decided to go look for rory because ryan said he saw him in the lobby. so for most of Krisun, the second band, i talked to rory. got him up to date on all the shit of my life thus far. i think out of all the people he had the most shocked expression yet. rory and i planned on wanting to go to Canada over our summer break. like make a four day weekend of it. that would be so awesome. anyway. Krisun came and went fairly quick. their drummer was pretty good but that is all i can remember. after quite a while of waiting Cryptopciy took the stage. these guys were intense. rory was totally into them and so was ryan. i liked them a lot live. and i have heard their cd so i have to say that i do like them. their guitarist was amazing. metal is not easy to play at all. then after that is was more waiting for Dimmu Borgir. these guys were so black metal it hurt. "Norwegian black fucking metal!!!" ron and ryan are so spoiled because they were uncomfortable in the back so i held rons stuff and they dove into the floor for the Dimmu set. i did not care because rory stayed for Dimmu anyway which was cool. their set was long but it was awesome. the music was just as good live as on cd and maybe because of the whole feel, even a little better. i would defiantly see these guys again but maybe with different opening acts. i am listening to the CD i got last night of theirs and its sooo good. well when we left we got lost again heading home, but a quick call to ron's dad solved that. we got to 95 and then stopped at a wawa off of street rd. we all got food and sat in the van watching tb for a little bit. so the rest of the ride home was a daze because i was unconscious in the back. i just remember ryan's friends getting dropped off and then moving to the middle seats. got back to rons at 2am. got back to mine at 2:30 something. had a shitty sleep until like 11am when i finally got into a deep sleep but woke up at 1pm. no one is home so i still have yet to see my family since Thursday night. well that was my weekend so far. i have to study for that test now and also take a shower. brr its cold in here.
Current Mood: cold
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