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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


18th May 2001

10:56am: well today was another boring day. when i first woke up i realized i slept in and was kind of annoyed that for the first time ever my mom did not wake me up, and this time i needed it. after shrugging that off i went back to bed till 12. when i got up i got a shower then went and got erika. i just wanted her to be away from her house so we just sat around my house tonight. for anyone that was reading my last entry there is more news. in my newsletter i learned about the enegery crisis. the energy corrporations of the united states have been amassing an amry of PR representatives to combat the problems developing. they have fed misrepresentative information to the public. to learn more go to http://www.fair.org . thanks for listening.
Current Mood: tired
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