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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


22nd May 2001

10:41am: what i did today
wow am i tired, but also wide awake. today it rained a lot but that made me happy because for some reason lately i have found myself caring more about the world around me. i knew the environment needed all the rain so i did not mind at all. tonight erika and i drove around everywhere. i stopped at michaels to see if darren started yet but he was not there :( oh well i will just have to talk to him some other time. i had lost of fun and had a wonderful breakfast of eggs and cream of wheet for dinner. it was great. but now i am tired but wide awake. time to try and sleep.
Current Mood: cheerful
10:53am: what i learned today
today i spent my free time looking up information on the propaganda profession of the United States, also known as Public Relations(PR). this was a very interesting parrallel considering that i came across an article relating United States propaganda and Nazi propaganda. noted in Mein Kumph Hitler says he is inspired by the United States machine. though many believe that PR is mainly a business oriented practice then one must realize Washington has its own department for PR. i think it is interesting that our nation that is so wonderful needs to worry about public relations, with its own people. hmmmm.
11:06am: here is the link to the interview by New Internationalists about the Nazi comparison. have fun. http://www.oneworld.net/anydoc2.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eoneworld%2Eorg%2Fni%2Fissue314%2Fcontents%2Ehtm
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