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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


28th May 2001

4:00am: hmm i dunno what to write here. i was so excited today i got a USB PCI card for my computer. to make sure it works i got a camera too. now the only problem is i am bored already. i hate this. i was so excited now i have lost it and it has not even been an hour. oh well. hopefully i can see erika sometime soon, i miss her a lot. i think i may go lay around for a while before i have to go to the overnighter i have to work tonight. blah, maybe i will go read.
Current Mood: bored
1:12pm: sleepy
i am very sleepy. i just got back from work (<-- look at time). it was not hard work just really boring and annoying work. i am tired right now but i know i will not be able to sleep like last night and i will just toss and turn and go in and out of racey fast paced dreams that make me more tired than anything else. :(. oh well i am going to read and then try and sleep (i guess the two bottles of mountain dew and one pepsi are not going to help matters). i hope i get to see erika tomorrow. i miss her so much. oh well we shall see. good nite all.
Current Mood: sleepy
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