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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


29th May 2001

12:36pm: long day
today started out nice and ended even better. i woke up at 11:30 because i was not sure when (and it turns out where) erika was. i was online playing with my camera for a couple of minutes making stop go animation clips. well after reading a little erika called. i headed over there. when i got there melissa and erik were already there. they were there to see the kittens i was there to see erika :). we had an interesting time making ourselves laugh from the little things of life. when we were done playing with the kittens for the second time that night we went inside. we all watched the Shining. i had a great nite. it was so wonderful to see erika again, she is so wonderful. ok well i better go i am still missing sleep from last night and i want to read more (want to be done my book before friday, 200 pages to go!). GOOD NITE ALL.
Current Mood: happy
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