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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


1st June 2001

10:48am: catch up
well last night everyone already knows where i was. what people probably do not know is what i was thinking. everyone knows that the people behind us in line we really annoying and then they had the nerve to be mad at us when we kept walking away and coming back (but they weren't there at 11 am!!!). ok any way. the concert was awesome. being in the front row(literally i got bruises to prove it) was cool. Chris took ryan's note (finally). i am happy that everyone there got to meet everyone in the band. (big smile for everyone there). as i watched the band i was thinking how it must suck for the rest of the band when everyone cares about the lead singer. i mean hell even i did not know the rest of the band members names except for andrew and i have seen them three times now and have all their albums. it was kind of depressing and i felt bad for the band members because it was like Chris' band, not really stabbing westward. i am happy i got to share that experience with erika, it was great. and i hope you all had a great time!!! :P good nite all. (oh and don't think i am not going to tell everyone how ungoth you all were ;) ).
Current Mood: loved
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