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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


13th June 2001

10:57am: conversation with myself (A=adam AA = Alternate adam)
AA: so how was your day adam?

A: oh it sucked. i got to work and i was the only one in my department. then i found out i was the only one all night. then i found out there was only going to be one person per department. then i had to fix the back aisle with all the heavy shit all by myself. then it got busy. all and all i hate my job and today sucked.

AA: that sucks.

A: yeah it really did.

AA: well how are you now?

A: well physically my body feels like it is falling apart and each muslce i have is on fire. emotionally i feel pretty lonely and unwanted. how about you Adam?

AA: me oh i feel great. i miss erika a lot but other wise i feel pretty good.

A: you are so lucky.

AA: thanks. why do you feel so lonely?

A: i dunno probably because i am a stupid psycho who talks to himself.

Current Mood: rejected
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