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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


16th June 2001

1:47am: last night was so boring and it has seeped into today. after i ate last night i just went into my room downstairs (rare for me to be in unless it is like 1 am and time for me to sleep). i got so bored i cleaned up some of the shit i had lying around because they are working on the windows in my house and my mom did not want anything lying around. i read for a short while but then got frustrated with it because i thought i could read faster, but i guess i cannot. so i slept till around 10 pm sometime and woke up to see if anyone was on. as usual i had the company of ron and not really anyone else. i stayed up till about 1am hoping to catch erika but i guess she went straight to bed. so today has been another day of reading, sleeping, sitting here staring at my computer and maybe later sleeping again followed by some reading. i do not think i will be on AIM today since there is no real reason since i will be sleeping or reading. maybe later i will go see a movie i dunno. well take care everyone talk to you tonight, if i come on.
Current Mood: cynical
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