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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


25th June 2001

7:28am: the worst feeling
i have to change my answer on that survey. one of the worst feelings in the world is thinking you actually in some small stupid little way that you mean something to someone. then when you get tossed to the way side and turned away it hurts. nothing is worse than leading some one on. you become friends with people for years and just when you think you are still cool with them they just leave you in the shadow of the light of happiness you once felt. you treat people so well and you think they are treating you well back. hell you even hang out with them. but no you are just some by product of two years, just a boil caused by constant exposure. cold blank stares followed my sorry figure throughout this day. nothing but silence and emptiness trailing behind a low headed quietness. hiden and bitten to raw bleeding behind a smile that could cut through the darkest day. "hey jason" only coldness there.

This entry was for Pam, Jason, and Ray C. I know you don't read this but thanks for the lies.
Current Mood: crushed
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