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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


27th June 2001

11:26am: last two days
well the last couple days have not been really eventful. i was a little bored after work yesterday but i was also kind of tired. i was really tired today. last night i had some rough sleep. i miss erika a lot and all i do is lay in bed and think of her beautiful smooth pale arms drapped over mine her body warmly close. :.( oh well she will be home soon. :) tonight i hung out with darren again after falling asleep downstairs for 30 minutes. we just sat around here and watched a movie. i kind of wanted to go to doylestown to buy some cd's or comics. oh well that will have to wait. so for now i am happily thikning of my angel. hope you are both ok and that green day was well worth it. now only to figure out how to deal with Depeche Mode.
1:03pm: they only way i see myself is through too personalities. one of my personalities is the lone warrior i discussed earlier when i sleep. he is quiet, contemplative, and lets the world guide his path. his sword or weapon is mearly the tool for which he shapes his destiny. physcially able only by will alone. romanitc with a sword. silence keeps him company on his worst nights following like a loved dog. blindly caring my other side is my sage. he loves knowledge and creativity. the beauty of the world is bright even in the darkest hour. he is part bard and muse living life fully and happily. though he may know a lot he does not know all and is not experienced in the way of the world. book smart with no knowledge of the world. he is there for every tear to fall. and if he can he will listen to every ounce of pain that may be slipped into his ears. every once in a short while the two, samurai and sage, meet breifly and become something wonderful. containing the wit and muse of the sage but with the strength and beauty of knowledge and acceptance of pain. these are the sides that can best sum up any mood i am in. either the samurai has snuck in on the wind, or the sage slide up from the dunguen of my mind. two ways. two different perspectives. two personalities on the plane of my soul.
Current Mood: contemplative
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