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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


30th June 2001

10:35am: well i am officially bored. there are not that many people to talk to. erika is at melissa's so i can probably forget about talking to her tonight unless she goes online there. i hope tomorrow goes ok. i did not realize we were going to the E center (now tweeter). so i am not worried since erika says she knows how to get there. hey maybe she will drive since i am so incompitent with driving to the city. hehe. anyway. nothing too much to write about. i may not be up dating this much next week since i will be at my sister's apartment. i am going to bring all my movies to keep me company. i just know that since i open all next week (except for july 4th which i close, i am so pissed) erika will be busy and so will my couple friends i have left. oh well. for now good night all. talk to you later.
Current Mood: pessimistic
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