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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


8th July 2001

12:33pm: today was a pretty good day. i am definetly glad to be back in my house and the idea of sleeping in my own bed sounds so nice. well my day was good only because erika surprised me at work. i was so happy i got to see her, stupid customers would not leave me alone and the other worthless people in my department were not helping them. grr i hate incompatence. well work finally ended and i went out to see A.I. again but this time with erika and her cousins. (i wanted to see it with her so i was so happy). i still love them movie even after the second time. she liked it too. later we were at her house and it was so weird. there was so much spanish being spoken it was disturbing. hehe i bet that is how erika feels about it too ;P. well my wonderful comfortable bed is calling me. good night all.
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