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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


29th July 2001

11:10am: long time
yeah it has been a long time since i updated. there have been some eventful things to talk about. i have decided to change the layout of my webpage. if anyone has any ideas where to start bulding another one, like angelfire, geocities, or xoom i would appreciate reviews. also i went and saw rammstein. they are awesome live, it was a good show and Crossbreed was incrediable for an opening act and they signed my CD! erika's friend went into the hospital and we went and visited her. memories of ray still creep in when i go to hospitals, it feels wierd. i saw planet of the apes, good but obvious Burton did not have complete conrtol over the film. so that is what i have been up to. i am bored right now because it seems every one must be out tonight and there is no one home (as usual for the last 10 years). so good night all and i hope you are doing well since this damn site sucks (for free accounts) and i can never check it out. so bye bye for now.
Current Mood: surprised i got on
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