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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


12th August 2001

10:42am: "I record dead people"
I swear that my answering is either: 1) possesed or 2) can record the voices of the dead. i come home sometimes and there are these really fucked up messages on my answering machine. some of them are pure gibberish and sound too digital. then sometimes i get messages where i can hear people screaming for help or talking. i hope it is just my answering machine picking up random cell phone or portable phone calls. but either way it is so freaky sometimes.
Current Mood: cold
12:31pm: a while ago i read a book called Virtual Death. One of my favorite characters in the book was a 3 foot tall Nowist Depressionist, named Frankly. A depressionist in the book was the exact opposite of a comedian. The depressionists job was to make people depressed. He/she was there to make the audience feel the pain that they felt as well. At the end of the book Frankly becomes a famous depressionist by one eventful thing. I am not going to say on the off chance that someone will find the book and read it as well. so the point of me explaining this is to show that i am a depressionist of writing. ever since i started writing my stories they never had the happy ending or were nice. thinking back on the story i just wrote i realized how sad it was. when i wrote it all i saw was this dark world, a place that has lost hope a black and white hard edged print. as for what happens that was something i just wrote. i never realized how depressing it could be. sometimes as i read stories from authors like Rucker and such i wish i could be slightly more amusing. i got the idea from erika for a kind of ridiculous scifi story but i do not think i can write it. The character in On the Horizon of Tomorrow's Nevers was supposed to be hope, the light, the knight in shinning armor. in my head i never see them as depressing but i guess i added a little spice to make it oh so nice. i am not appologizing for what have i written nor do i wish i could have changed it. just like everything in life the dark is more beautiful than the light could ever hope to be.
Current Mood: contemplative
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