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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


7th October 2001

12:09pm: oh if anyone cares as much as i do (being a johnny depp psycho) there is a new film comprising my favorite things, Johnny Depp and Jack the Ripper. if any of you are not aware it is called From Hell and based on an awesome comic book titled the same. (which i own, hehehe all like 100 pages of it). well anyway to the point of all this jabbering is that there will be a behind the scenes thing on HBO at 10:15 THIS MONDAY!! someone please tape it since i am never sure how soon i will get home from work. i am such a jack the ripper nut that i have seen a lot of movies about him (none of which are that good, except this looks to break the curse) and my friend brought me back a book written by the tour guide of the lower east end tours in London. signed too. hehe. so fascinating.
Current Mood: drained
12:47pm: yesterday crying tears, today aching smiles
today was carly's wedding (my manager if any of you read erika's lj). we were early for the wedding but my friends from work showed up and we went in. the ceremony went very quickly. i was surprised since it was a catholic wedding. hmm. carly looked so nice in her long dress and brian (the groom) looked awesome in the suit and tails he had on. jamie (carly's sister and bride's maid) looked good too since i have not seen her in some time. ok anyway. oh yeah we got to blow bubbles when they came out. the reception was almost 2 hours later so erika and i went to BK to pacify ourselves and then relaxed for a while. we got to the reception really early. saw my manager that went with me to Tool (TIm) so we went in. well the rest of the night passed by fairly quickly running into familiar faces and friends. as i sat around tonight i thought about almost a year ago now, when carly now smiling in her highest hour, was weeping on my shoulder. the same though crossed my mind as i looked at jamie and i could almost still feel her trembling from that day. everyone at my table tonight and my two managers there (tim and store manager Gene) had all gone through some serious shit together and i am glad that all of it did not have to be bad. my face hurts from smiling so much tonight and to feel the hurt truly disappear tonight was absolutely refreshing.
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