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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


9th October 2001

10:51am: does anyone know who or what Ozymandias was!!!??? please help!!! i need to answer that question for a paper due tomorrow.
11:41am: From Hell previewing comparison to comic book
Tonight i watched (and taped) the HBO First Look at From Hell. i have to admit that the movie looks amazing, and so does johnny depp. it seems that it will not be just basic camera shots and here then there story lines. thank goodness. however i am starting to see very distinct differences between the movie and the comic book. the comic book first and foremost is mainly from the view of the authors choice of Jack the Ripper. the story follows him around and what he does, and the best part they discuss the motivation which is fairly convincing. during that time it uses evidence collected to prove their theory as to who Jack the Ripper truly was. (and yes there was a lot of work done for the comic book, the last like 30 pages are all historical references and explanations that account for each page or scene from the book). the movie does use the same important people on the case such as johnny depp's character Frederick Albriet. and heather gramm's (sp) Mary Shelly. i do not want to give away the movie but it is fairly obvious what happens, since they cannot change historical facts. the movie seems to be from the view of inspector Albriet (depp) and creates a relationship with Mary Shelly. hmm. the movie for its own credit is using historical documents and photographs to reproduce the murder scenes and wounds of the victims. i cannot wait to see the one scene since i have a photocopy of it on my wall, hehehe. (evil laugh). so i cannot wait to see the movie but i hope it does not stray from the comic book too far since everything in the comic book was there for a reason and not for money or lack of story line. but then again who cares what the movie is like... IT HAS JOHNNY DEPP IN IT!!
Current Mood: sick
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