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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


27th October 2001

ok well today was really boring. school was dull as usual. i think i may do bad on another test but that is not a big surprise anymore this semester.
i went to kickboxing today. i wore myself out so bad that it is hard to lift my arms. i want my blue belt and i am not giving up until i get it. i passed all his little tests today and did better than even belts higher than me, i did the best on two out of the three and was second in the other and the person who got top rank was a black belt. then i remembered all my techniques that he tested me on and also worked through my weapon routines as well. i want that belt, i will not give up.
ok well came home jumped in the shower blah blah. i missed erika this morning i guess and she was at work after that. so i headed to work.
got to work and i was not even scheduled!!!! it was another person. good thing i showed up though because he did not. but i told them i was only working till 9 and i waited to clock in till like sometime after 5:30.
so at 9 i left to go see Iron Monkey with darren. the movie was so awesome. it was the same fight choreographer that did Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. This movie was not as visually beautiful as Crouching Tiger but it had its moments and the moving fight scenes and nicely pulled together story line well made up for it. and along the way there were plenty of laughs. mainly since i write i could also see what the writer or director was doing with the characters. lets put it this way, take zoro make him a doctor and an exshoalin monk, throw in a caring beauty, add a father and a bunch of shoalin traitor monks. and there you have it. :::sigh:: i wanna go see it again.
Current Mood: sore
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