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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


18th November 2001

10:10am: from weakness comes depression, from struggle comes anger
today sucked starting with yesterday when we got 21 pallets/skids full of treadmills, soccer tables, trampolines, basketball systems, air hockey tables, kick bags (basically the heaviest shit we carry). so to make a long story short came in at 8 instead of 9 and worked on putting that stuff out. i do not like to talk about work since no one really cares so make it even shorter i am so incredibly sore.
within my last hour of working i had to put my friend, and associate, Ira up on the beeper (cherry picker type thing). the way he had to get the treadmill down made me really start to think of ray a lot. i could just picture Ira going for a strap and going off too. i know he was wearing the harness but this was one of the biggest treadmills we have now. i felt myself begin to shake and my stomach started churning in my body. i wanted to get him down and off that death machine. the rest of that hour was hell as i constantly kept thinking of ray and everything that happened. where i was, when it was, who was there. the whole deal. i do not think i could have put anyone else up today and thank god i did not have too. i miss you raymond campione(RIP feb 18 2001).
well it has been a struggle to read but i got through it. i could not keep my mind from wandering. i hate reading now. bought a 600 page large print novel and could not get past page 10.
now i am struggling through a take home test for economics. my other terrible class besides accounting. they are the worst teachers. i am trying to look through my notes and realized i only took about 6 pages of notes for an entire semester of class. he never teachers anything important, and when he does it gets lost in his rants. now i am screaming and throwing shit because this test is hard (but in his words "i made it really simple"). and i NEED TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND AWAY FROM SCHOOL WORK!!
Current Mood: irritated
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