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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


28th November 2001

12:02pm: sum up
Saturday: Icon of Coil was just as good as before. VNV Nation was better than before even though they were awesome last time. best damn show i have been to in a while.
Sunday:recuperating from 2 am arrival at my house from concert. worked till late. played pool the last 2 hours.
Monday: school again. Cold show that night. Flaw was good. wished they played longer. dope was cool live, but music style was not my favorite but like i said good live show made up for it. Cold puts a lot of energy into their music live. the songs are good but the energy made them better. TLA needs to get some ventilation and a place for the smokers to go to smoke. i do not want to get lung cancer from second hand smoke after i quit and turned straight edge. that would make me very angry.
tonight: erika and i went shopping. i am glad i got to spend time with her other than at a concert. just wish i did not have to work the next 7 days straight (Wednesday through Monday). got tests, and books to read. :::sigh::

"everything is falling apart but at the same time, its all coming together." - Grade. totally how i feel about school and work.
Current Mood: anxious
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