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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


4th December 2001

11:10am: update for now reason
this is the worst i have felt in the longest time. my cold is now in my chest and it is hard to breath and i keep coughing which really hurts because they are so dry. and because of this stupid cold i am afraid to see erika though i miss her so much. tonight i almost started to cry as i told her that in my cracking voice. i just want all this work and school to be over. i push myself at work and am beaten emotionally and physically after six days straight (Wednesday through today) all nine hour shifts. so that is 48 hours (counting my short breaks) of heavy lifting. then i had to come home at night and be up till 1 working on school stuff just to get up early again the next day. i think i am starting to have a break down. thank god school is done this week. my soul can take no more
Current Mood: Broken
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