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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


7th December 2001

12:53pm: well it is done. i finally cut the beard. the sole thing that made me unique is gone. now it looks like any other goatee. now i just have to cut my hair so i can spike it again and i can assimilate better. "i assimilate to penetrate and corrupt your core consciousness" watch out world here i come. see that is a scary thought because that is what the Arian front is doing now. the skin heads grew in their hair and covered up their tattoos and look just like everyone else.
i am finally feeling better after about a week so i finally got to see erika since i never get to see her anyway. i work nights she works days. and then i got sick. so today was great because i feel better and i got to see her.
also went and saw harry potter with my girlfriend erika. it reminded me of The Labyrinth. but as erika and i both pointed out it is lacking one thing, David Bowie (and as i pointed out, David Bowie in tights). but other than that the movie was good. i am interested to see if the other two movies will be any good.
no one is online and i am sooo awake. not even ron is online which is really fucking with my head. may be i can make my mind stop thinking so much by cutting it out so i could get some sleep. or maybe eat some of it (haha Hannibal).
why is it that a paper cut grips you with pain, but a cut can go unnoticed? i noticed tonight i have lots of cuts.
Current Mood: contemplative
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