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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


22nd December 2001

12:45pm: yesterday was a good day. after i got up at 5am to help out at work i came back home by about 9:30 am. not too bad but it was heavy shit i helped with so i was really beat. i got to sleep about 3 more hours after that but i needed to get up and ready for when erika came over.
i fixed up my room and stuff i do not know why i do that i doubt she cares about my pile of clothes and stacks of books and papers. i guess i just try to make things perfect.
well she got to my house and exchanged gifts. she got me a really cool NBC water fountain, Heathers SE DVD tin, dragon car mats, and a cool dragon car sticker. so i was happy about that. the rest of the night was great too, we just relaxed and watched here Apopty DVD. for some reason it was just such a wonderful night. :::sigh::: i miss her already
1:13pm: one of my old stories i came across. felt it appropriate tonight.
Warm Body
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