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Slayer of Zombies' Journal


30th December 2001

8:57am: last couple of days went by too slow. must of it was spent playing Arcanum a game that i bought like months ago. Friday was a cool day because i took heather and her boyfriend to New Hope because they did not know how to get there, though her boyfriend had an appointment to get a tattoo at living arts. well while he was getting tattooed i walked around New Hope since i have not really been there since Rocky Horror. new hope now has a new gothic shop. it is on the opposite side of Love Saves the Day and past the poster place. i did not get to go in since i had to see how jay and heather were. i did stop by Against the Grain though and bought myself a new sword. i was going to save the money and just buy the movies i did not get for christmas but i said screw it and bought one. it is a Tai Chi broad sword with tassels and everything. i will put pics up soon. but i have not been feeling well yesterday or today. my stomach is killing me, feels like there are knots inside of me. yuck. so worked really sucked since i felt like shit but i was still there the whole time. i came home and slept for an hour before i came on. i do not feel any better. this sucks. so as soon as i feel better i will post some pics. but until then, yuck.
Current Mood: sick
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